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"Iu love mail" online activities can make their own postcards

Date: 2015-12-24

Day JianWang news (reporter Jin Dongshu) still use WeChat during the festival, qq greeting friends and relatives?Mass blessing messages no response?Hope you the most beautiful and hi in the weekdays, the most memorable moment Shared with the person you want to know?Hope for a friend on the road can choose a special and unique intention of gift on your behalf...With "iu love mail", that everything becomes simple and full of the milk of human kindness.On December 22, "the family, the letter - relay for traditional culture" theme activities and postcards of Internet freshmen, "iu love mail" the launching ceremony, held in citic harbour city city the lounge.From the ministry of industry, city people club bureau, municipal administration, all gold investment institutions, datang telecom incubation base and so on related leaders to attend the event.In order to do a good job in this project, love mail founder zhang lu tao and his team, spent nearly a year to visit investigation, through hangzhou, chengdu, gulangyu island, and so on more than 20 tourist city in Lhasa.Interview survey more than twenty thousand people.They found that in many scenic spots as long as there is the post office has a lot of tourists in buying postcards.It is understood that in 2013 China post only issue postcards will reach more than 1 billion, other channels comprehensive issue card more than 2 billion copies.The development of the Internet, let more and more people become Internet addiction patients and thumb gens, including New Year's greetings, greetings, single gradually, in the Internet was often meet relatives, friends, and also becomes a habitual shall make a phone call, send a mail, chat WeChat.
Zhang lu tao said: 'iu love mail' is a mobile phone users easy his photographs of DIY make into real postcards and mail APP software, the meaning of 'iu love mail is to let the true feelings can touch and permanent preservation.He will be in emotional indifference of the Internet age, gradually return to sincere emotional expression, through the carrier of postcards, combined with the characteristics of the mobile Internet, for the feelings of people pass provides a more realistic choice, let old postcards to glow the new vitality."
At the scene of the "iu love mail" the launching ceremony, love mail order with China post dalian branch, all gold, datang telecom incubators, signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, astro boy media to launch comprehensive all-round cooperation in traditional Internet + strategy of postcards, let this been around for 150 years of culture in our hands to continue in 100.